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Spinal Deformity Treatment in Pune

What is Spinal Deformity?

The everyday backbone is structurally balanced for the top of the line flexibility and assists of the frame’s weight. When viewed from the facet, it has three mild curves. The lumbar (lower) spine has an inward curve known as lordosis. The thoracic (middle) backbone has an outward curve called kyphosis. The cervical backbone (backbone within the neck) also has a lordosis. These curves paintings in harmony to keep the frame’s middle of gravity aligned over the hips and pelvis. When regarded from at the back of, the normal backbone is direct.

For the maximum element, nonoperative treatments are advocated before surgical treatment is considered. Nonoperative treatments consist of ache medicines, physical remedy (together with gait and posture schooling), and certain braces.

When Surgery is required?

Symptoms of spinal Deformity

Treatment of Spinal Deformity in Pune

The treatment of this spinal deformity is necessary for an early stage. Dr. Sachin Mahajan is the best spinal deformity surgeon in that type of treatment. He guided the patient for how we can go for treatment if you consider for the surgery in that case
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