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Best Neurosurgeon in Pune

Dr. Sachin Mahajan is a Consultant Neurosurgeon (Brain & Spine Surgery) at Sahyadri Hospital Pune, India. Dr. Sachin Mahajan specializing in Neurosurgery is experienced not only in terms of years of experience but also in terms of intensity of exposure hence he standout best Neurologist in Pune. He is efficient in treating various disorders/surgery such as spine surgery, Brain surgery, Migraine, Brain tumors, Minimally invasive spine surgery, OCD, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Stroke Management, Autism, spine specialist, Back pain treatment, Pain management and to name a few. His area of expertise is Minimally Invasive and Advanced Spine Surgery.

Professional Qualifications:-

The professional qualification of Dr. Sachin Mahajan is

Dr. Mahajan has a long list of accomplishments and awards bestowed to his name both medically and in academics. Best Neurosurgeon in Pune approaches towards super specialization in focus zones, for example, interventional neuroradiology, skull base medical procedures, pediatric neurosurgery, and so on. Also He is complete clinical fellowship and workshop in Canada, Japan & India.

Fellowship Details –

Type of Neurosurgery Performed by Dr. Sachin Mahajan -

Dr. Sachin Mahajan specialised in Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery & Spine surgery and also performed the following different type of neurosugeries.

There are more than 600 known neurological issue and conditions that influence the human nervous system. The nervous system is an unpredictable, modern framework that manages and facilitates the body’s essential capacities and exercises. It is comprised of two noteworthy divisions, including the focal nervous system and the fringe nervous system. 

How does Neurosurgery Treatment work?

Today’s different techniques are available for the neurosurgical treatment like CyberKnife, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Gamma Knife, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Nerve Decompression.
But most of the neurosurgeons in Pune perform the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery method for performing the neurological surgery. Dr. Sachin Mahajan at Sahydhri hospital Pune has a specialization in minimally invasive surgery and experienced neurosurgeon in neurology disorder treatment.

What Is the Cost of Neurosurgery in Pune?

Finding the best Neurosurgeon in Pune in today’s – with multiple options, you are never too sure about getting the right treatment. dr. Sachin Mahajan helps you get better treatment under one roof at Sahyadri Hospital Pune. The cost of neurosurgery in Pune is among the most minimum in the world. The expense of neurosurgery in Pune is about 20% of the expense in the other city. The minimal effort of neurosurgery in Pune is with no trade-off on quality or success rate.
If you know about the spine and neurosurgery then see our videos whos guided by dr, Sachin Mahajan. You can also book an appointment with the online booking.

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